Easy Spring Flowers Picture – Kids Craft


Spring is right around the corner.. Snow is melting and the temperature is slowly but surely rising. We needed to some new Spring decorations for the refrigerator so we decided to make them! First up, this easy and colorful construction paper and pipe cleaner flower picture. There is probably a few things I would do […]

Spring Handprint and Q-Tip Flowers Crafts


Well, as most of you know I lost EVERYTHING on my blog a couple weeks ago. I have slowly been working on reposting some of my old posts & completely redoing them. I figured right now would be the perfect time to repost my Spring Handprint and Q-Tip Flowers crafts! I cannot wait until spring […]

25 Weeks Pregnant!


    It’s that time again.. Baby bump update! Can’t believe I am 25 weeks and over half way there. Second trimester hasn’t been too bad.. Only thing I could complain about is my hips and back. Sleeping has gotten pretty rough too.. Trying to get comfortable is becoming impossible even with my body pillow. […]

DIY: Repurposed Playpen

I found this super great DIY idea on Pinterest, and it came at the perfect time! We go visit our families often and my 3 year old son no longer stays in his playpen.. He swings his legs over the side and climbs right out.. So getting him to stay in it, and sleep has […]

Nuby Tub Time Turtle { Review }


    Are you ready for another review of a great Nuby product?! This review will be all about the Nuby Tub Time Turtle! SO cute and fun for little ones! The Tub Time Turtle is another fun and interactive bath toy! My son loves filling it up with water then watching the water fall […]

Reese’s Spreads { Review }


  Recently, I recieved the new Reese’s Spreads from Influenster to review here on my blog! I was super excited because I LOVE chocolate and peanut butter. My 3 year old son was my little helper with this review.   Let me tell you it is DELICIOUS! I could probably sit down and eat the […]

Homemade Paintbrushes!


Tired of using boring old paintbrushes to create artwork with your kids? I have a TON of yarn sitting in a large tote from when I had my crochet business.. I have been itching to use it for something other than crocheting. So, I pulled out some yarn and got to work trying to create […]

Update! What happened to my blog?!

Hey everyone! As you have probably noticed I have not been around very much.. not many new posts, not many instagram pictures, no tweets or Facebook posts. Well, I am back now! But, not after realizing I lost EVERYTHING on my blog.. I was able to pull some of my blog posts up again, so I […]

15 Weeks Pregnant!


Hey everyone! I haven’t had the energy to do my weekly bump update posts like I wanted to.. so here’s a short post for you. I turned 15 weeks on Friday – this pregnancy is FLYING! We have heard the heartbeat twice so far and it’s still the most amazing sound I have ever heard. […]